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In a world where music is magic… where instruments channel melodic energy, ancient temples hang from guitar strings, and a warrior is judged by their song instead of their strength… a war is brewing.

Zach is the wielder of the legendary 7STRING sword. On his quest for vengeance, he meets kindred spirits whose lives have also been touched by the war ravaging the world of Melodia. Together, they search for answers and fight for peace against the ruthless and blinkered Lars Troubleclef.

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7STRING is an explosively dynamic, action/battle comic about people with musical instrument weapons in a peaceful world gone to war!

Think battle mangas like Dragonball Z, Naruto or Fire Force, combined with original story-telling, full colour eye-popping artwork and an entirely new world to get lost in!

There are 3 volumes out now and the artist/creator is hard at work at Volume 4 right now, so grab the first volumes now and get up to speed with this awesome new series!

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